Third Week Advent Calendar Giveaways

December 20th

If you love listening to music, why not enter today’s Advent Calendar giveaway, where we’re giving you the chance to win a Touchscreen Portable Speakers from Gizoo. With up to 15 hours battery life, these great sounding speakers are perfect for camping, picnics or trips to the beach, and will also give your phone or MP3 player extra protection thanks to their robust design.

Day 20 reveal

Want to get your hands on this nifty pair of speakers? Enter today’s prize giveaway by sharing this page on Facebook or Twitter using the tag @HoltsAuto (Twitter) and @HoltsAutoUK (Facebook). Enter successively, and your name will also be added into Christmas Day’s grand prize draw — where we’ll be giving one lucky winner an amazing prize giveaway.

Winter Driving Tip: Carry warm clothes and a blanket in your car during the winter months. If you breakdown you won’t stay warm for very long in a cold car.

December 19th

We all want to spend more time in bed in the winter, and sometimes it seems like you car’s no different. There’s nothing worse than getting out to the car in the cold only to have it refuse to start. Luckily we’ve got the perfect solution – enter today’s Advent Calendar giveaway and you could win a can of Bradex Easy Start.

Bradex Easy Start

This simple spray helps your car to get going when the engine’s struggling to ignite, so that you can get out of the cold and onto the road quicker. It can be used in diesel and petrol engines, so is a must for all car boots this winter.

To be in with a chance of winning a can of our handy Bradex Easy Start, share this page on Facebook or Twitter using the tag @HoltsAuto (Twitter) or @HoltsAutoUK (Facebook), and your name will be entered into the prize draw. Successful entries will also be included in Christmas Day’s grand prize giveaway.

Winter Driving Tip: Remember to steer into the skid if your car loses grip on ice and snow, and always avoid stamping on the brakes.  

December 18th

If you’re a driving purist who favours manual transmission over automatic, you’ll love these 5-speed gear knob cufflinks, which we’re giving away as part of our brilliant Advent calendar competition. Handmade to a great standard, these stainless steel cufflinks are finished with the classic manual transmission motif — helping you show off your love of cars in a subtle, understated way.

Day 18 reveal

To be in with a chance of winning this pair of car-related cufflinks, simply share this page on Facebook or Twitter using the tag @HoltsAuto (Twitter) or @HoltsAutoUK (Facebook) to enter the prize draw. Everyone that successfully shares the competition page will also be submitted into our Christmas Day grand prize draw, where we’ll select one lucky winner at random to win an exciting prize giveaway.

Bonus Festive Fact: Before turkey became a Christmas dinner tradition, a pig’s head and mustard was the customary food for the festive feast.


December 17th

For today’s Advent Calendar giveaway, we’re treating you to something every driver wants behind the wheel — peace of mind. That’s because we’re giving away a can of Tyreweld, our brilliant emergency puncture repair formula that offers a hassle-free solution to unexpected flat tyres and punctures.

Advent Calendar Giveaways - Tyreweld

Rather than trying to repair or replace a tyre in the pouring rain and freezing cold; carry a can of Tyreweld in your boot, and you’ll be back on the move in no time. With no tools or jack required, this brilliant repair formula will have you home and dry in a jiff — making it the perfect carry-on through the cold, dark winter months.

If you fancy getting your hands on a can of Tyreweld for free, you’ll need to enter today’s Advent Calendar giveaway. To do that, simply share this page on Facebook or Twitter using the tag @HoltsAuto (Twitter) or @HoltsAutoUK (Facebook), and you’ll be entered into the daily draw. If you don’t win, there’s still a chance to win a great gift in our Christmas Day grand prize giveaway.

Bonus Festive Fact: The image of Santa’s Sleigh was first created in 1819 by American author, Washington Irving. Irving also dreamt up the ‘Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, a famous Halloween tale.

December 16th

Want to record your next road trip? Enter today’s Advent Calendar giveaway, and you could win yourself an LCD Dash Cam which supports full HD video recording. Perfect for capturing life in the fast lane, this handy dash cam will record your journey in glorious 1080P HD from the moment you turn the ignition. Plus, the camera also features a 2.7” LCD display, so you can watch your journey back as and when you like.

Day 16 reveal

For your chance to win this amazing prize giveaway, enter our Advent Calendar competition today by sharing this page on Facebook or Twitter using the tag @HoltsAuto (Twitter) or @HoltsAutoUK (Facebook). All successful entries will also be included in our Christmas Day grand prize draw — giving you more than one chance to win.

Bonus Festive Fact: In 2005, Forbes Magazine placed Santa Claus at the top of its list of the world’s richest fictional characters. His net worth? Infinity, of course.


December 15th

Taking care of your car is necessary all year round — even at Christmastime. That’s why, as part of our Advent Calendar Competition, we’re giving one of you the chance to win a can of de-icer and bottle of screen wash direct from Holts HQ.

Day 15 reveal

Developed to perform in even the toughest wintry conditions, both our De-Icer and Screen Wash will make the perfect accompaniment to your car care routine during the winter months — helping you to look after your car come rain, hail, ice or snow.

For your chance to win this screen wash and de-icer package enter our Advent Calendar Competition today; you can do so by sharing this page on Facebook or Twitter using the tag @HoltsAuto (Twitter) or @HoltsAutoUK (Facebook). All entrants will be included in our Christmas Day grand prize draw, where one lucky winner will receive a fantastic prize giveaway.

Bonus Festive Fact: Many zoos across around the world ask people to donate their Christmas trees to feed their animals in the New Year.

December 14th

If you often find it difficult to keep your youngsters entertained on long car journeys, today’s prize giveaway in our festive Advent calendar competition could be just what you’ve been looking for. The Fatframe Attach is a flexible attachment system that lets you fasten your iPad to your headrest, allowing the kids to sit back and enjoy their favourite films while you focus on the road.

Day 14 reveal

For your chance to win this handy in-car iPad holder, simply share this page on Facebook or Twitter using the tag @HoltsAuto (Twitter) or @HoltsAutoUK (Facebook) to scoop today’s prize giveaway. We’ll then pick a winner at random, and submit all entries into the Grand Prize draw, which will take place on Christmas Day.


Winter Driving Tip: If your car door locks freeze solid, use a cigarette lighter to warm the key before you try to open it.