What is Radflush 2 Part?

Please note: Holts Radflush has been replaced with Speedflush.

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Over time, your engine’s cooling system can become less efficient and the channels can get blocked. This is because of the rust, sludge, scale and other deposits which build up in it. If it gets really serious your car could overheat or freeze, causing damage which can require expensive repairs.

Flushing the cooling system and radiator can fix these problems. Holts Radflush clears radiator and cooling system channels to prevent overheating and freezing in winter. The special 2-part formula rapidly removes scale and rust particles, then neutralises and flushes to a rust, sludge and scale free result.

  • Suitable for use with all engines
  • Flushes blocked channels
  • Removes rust, sludge and scale
  • Can prevent overheating and freezing.

Revitalise your radiator with Holts Radflush.


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