What is Rustola Release Spray?

Nothing’s more frustrating when you’re doing some maintenance work, either on your car or in the home, than finding that a part is stuck. The additional effort of unsticking them can cause strain injuries or even break the part, making you wish you’d never bothered. Whether it’s a rusted nut or an over tightened bolt that that won’t move, you need an easy way to break the bond and free it up.

Holts Release Spray is a multi-purpose lubricant that penetrates inside the seized parts, making them easy to remove. Simply spray on to the part and leave to work. The Release Spray will act quickly to loosen it, even if it’s rusted.

Release Spray is part of our Professional range, used regularly by mechanics, so you can be sure that you’re using a professional quality product which will provide you with quick results and less effort.

  • Penetrates rust
  • Fast acting
  • Easy release
  • Sprays upside down

Rusted and seized parts slowing you down? Problem solved with Holts Professional Release Spray!


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