About Screenies Car Glass Wipes – Tub

Dirt, grime and finger print marks on the inside of your windscreen together with traffic film & insect deposits on the outside can seriously reduce and impair your visibility, especially at night. Holts Screenies help you to keep your windscreen clear thanks to their quick cleaning formula. The easy to use dispenser makes them convenient to use – keep the wipes in your vehicle to clean windows, mirrors and headlights in seconds, leaving a crystal clear finish and a fresh scent.

  • Fast cleaning of interior and exterior glass
  • Quickly removes stubborn dirt, insects & bird dropping
  • Fresh and clean aroma
  • Handy dispenser for easy in car use

Holts products have been developed to solve a huge range of your vehicle problems, including cleanliness and visibility. Each tub contains 40 easy to use wipes for cleaning any time.


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