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Need help with your car? From tyres and exhausts to general upkeep, you’ll find a range of how-to guides and tips right here in the Holts Repair & Maintenance hub.

We’ve always been big believers in the power of DIY. That’s why all the products in our hard-working car maintenance range have been designed so that anyone can use them – whether you’re a new driver or a professional mechanic.

Not only can maintaining your car save you money, but it’s also genuinely rewarding. And because some of our products are designed for emergency use at the roadside, learning the basics could help you out when you’re in a pinch, too.

Ready to get started? We’ve compiled all our need-to-read repair and maintenance guides below, giving you a great starting point to get stuck into some DIY. Covering tyres, exhausts, radiators and more, think of it as a one-stop-shop for car maintenance know-how.


Your car’s tyres put up with some serious wear and tear every single day, so making sure they’re in tip-top condition and correctly inflated is vital. If your tyres are damaged or under or overinflated, you’re much more likely to have a puncture, and you could also end up failing your MOT.

Knowing how to check and maintain your car’s tyres, and what to do when you have a puncture, are basic things everyone should know as a motorist. But if you’re looking for advice to get you started, we’ve got you covered with a range of practical tyre maintenance guides below…

Tyre Maintenance Guide

Click below for our basic tyre maintenance tips.

Become a Tyre Expert to Stay Safe and Save Money

Discover our expert tips on when to buy tyres, which tyres to choose for your car and how to care for them.

What to Do When You Have a Puncture

Our in-depth guide is here to show you what to do when you have a puncture.

Your Tyreweld FAQs Answered

Whatever your question is, you’ll find everything you need to know about Holts Tyreweld right here.

Mechanic replacing a radiator hose


Cooling faults account for a lot of breakdowns, which makes sense given the high temperatures that the system is exposed to. Leaks, overheating and corrosion are just some of the problems that can happen if you don’t service and maintain your radiator or cooling system on a regular basis.

The good news is there are ways to maintain your car’s cooling system yourself without the need to pay expensive repair fees. It just comes down to having the right products and the confidence to have a go yourself. We can help with both of those things in our no-nonsense cooling system and radiator maintenance guides below.

How Often Should I Flush My Radiator?

Here’s our quick guide to flushing your car’s radiator.

Can I use Radweld before an MOT?

Find out below whether you should use Radweld before an MOT.

Identifying Issues with Your Car Radiator Hose

In this guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about car radiator hoses.

Your Radweld FAQs Answered

Find out more about how Radweld works and how to use it in our FAQs below.


Since they’re exposed to dirt, salt and water from the road, exhausts are prone to premature damage, corrosion and wear. Any rust spots can quickly turn into holes and cracks if left unchecked, which can impact the efficiency of your car and how it performs.

If a damaged exhaust sounds like something best left to the pros, you’re mistaken. With the right products and know-how – and a couple of jack stands – it’s easy to permanently fix a damaged exhaust system yourself. Our guides below show you how it’s done.

car exhaust

Consequences of a Broken Exhaust

Here, we’ll look at the consequences of a faulty exhaust system and give you some tips on using our Gun Gum product.

Can I save money by fixing my own exhaust at home?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix small holes and cracks in your exhaust, saving you money.

Solving Exhaust Problems

This guide looks at how to identify, detect and fix any exhaust problems.

Your Exhaust Putty FAQs Answered

Want the best results when using Holts Gun Gum Exhaust Paste? Our FAQs can provide some useful tips and insights.

Care for Your Car with Holts

With a long history of helping drivers solve motoring problems, Holts is a name you can trust. Whatever the problem, our products are the solution, and our expert guides can help to make sure you get great results time after time.

Take a look at a selection of our most popular repair and maintenance products below.


holts emergency puncture repair

Gun Gum

Holts Gun Gum exhaust System Repair Paste


Radweld Radiator Cooling System Leak Repair


Holts Firegum

We hope our Repair and Maintenance Hub helps you pick up some tips and advice on how to look after your car. Visit the blog for more motoring guides and features or take a look at our full product range.

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