Can I use Radweld if my car is under warranty?

We would advise checking with the provider of your warranty before Holts Radweld in Useattempting a repair of any type. Like all of the Holts long-term or permanent repair products, it is important to check the details of your warranty before you use them in case you risk invalidating it.

Holts Radweld is a safe and permanent way to repair your car’s radiator in minutes. Holts Radweld is designed to cause no damage and can be used without flushing the cooling system, making it easy to use on your driveway. If your car is still under warranty however, you should check the details and work out what is the best option for you before you use Radweld.

You can find information on how to use Radweld and how it works here on our site, check out our blog and Help and Advice for more details.

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