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No matter whether it’s a puncture, a flat or a blow out, tyre damage is not only a significant inconvenience but driving on a damaged tyre can also pose a real danger.


HT3YA_New TyreweldTyreweld, from leading UK aftermarket manufacturer, Holts, is a quick and easy temporary tyre repair to get your customers back on the road again quickly and safely.


In the event of a flat tyre, Tyreweld’s nozzle is simply attached to the tyre’s valve in order to release the foam formula. The Unique Controllable Valve System (actuator) which can be found on top of the product, is twisted and left to fill the tyre in a matter of minutes. The automatic value also ensures that drivers can leave the car whilst it is a filing, to find a safer road side location.


Available in 300ml, 400ml and 500ml, Holts Tyreweld is suitable for tyre diameters of 13 – 14”, 15-16” and 17”+, respectively, and is guaranteed to do no damage to the vehicle. Made from a non-toxic water based latex emulsion, Tyreweld is safe to touch and can be easily wiped away from the tyre with a paper towel.


A customer car boot essential, Tyreweld offers a convenient and easy to use tyre repair solution without the need for costly roadside assistance.