Pro – UK’s Number 1 Additive Brand Launches New Range

The market leader in the UK for fuel additives, Redex, has launched a brand new range of fast acting additives, developed specifically for mechanics.
The range, which comprises a Petrol System Cleaner, Diesel System Cleaner and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regenerator, has been rigorously tested to ensure it quickly and effectively prolongs engine life and saves mechanics time.
Petrol and Diesel System Cleaners The Redex System Cleaners are highly concentrated, enabling the formulae to get straight to work to clean the fuel system and injectors, therefore improving fuel economy and restoring power.
The system cleaners also guarantee to reduce exhaust emissions in line with MOT pass rates.


DPF Regenerators
Redex’s new formula DPF Cleaner is up to 30% more efficient than other technologies on the market, offering a preventative and curative solution to clear the problem and prevent it from returning.
The fast acting formula takes only 10 minutes to kick in and put out the dashboard warning light, preventing the car from entering safe mode.


It works by reducing the temperature at which soot burns in the filter and then clears blockages caused by the soot. The formula is safe to use in any diesel vehicle fitted with a DPF.