Consumer – Protect Your Car by Making Redex Part of Your Routine

The market leader in the UK for fuel additives, Redex has launched it’s ‘One Shot Boot Pack’ range to make it easier than ever for you to increase efficiency and save fuel.
Designed to be stored in your car, garage or home, the four smaller ‘one shot’ bottles are an ideal way to add Redex to your car whenever you want. Each one shot bottle provides just the right amount of Redex to keep your engine clean and healthy, making it easy to use in every tank.


Over time, harmful deposits build up on a vehicle’s fuel injectors and this can result in a reduced performance. Using Redex regularly will clean these harmful deposits, increasing fuel efficiency, reducing exhaust emissions and improving performance. With Redex one shots, you can give your engine the attention it needs to stay healthy whilst driving longer distances at a cheaper cost.


The ‘One Shot Boot Pack’ is available in 2 versions for both petrol and diesel vehicles.