Simoniz Clears Up Facts Around UK’s Car Washing Habits

Car cleaning expert, Simoniz, has undertaken research to investigate the UK’s car washing habits.

Simoniz car washDespite the ever increasing number of hand car wash and valet operations popping up across the country, 43% of the 1,012 car owners surveyed still prefer to take on the job of washing their cars themselves.

51% of those who clean their own car use a specific car shampoo to shine and protect their car. The remaining 41% use washing up liquid and could be doing just as much damage as neglecting to wash it at all.

It may sound like a plausible argument: “If it cleans my dishes, it must be able to clean my car”. The fact is washing up liquid contains all kinds of chemicals that are capable of harming a car’s paintwork.

Washing up liquid contains detergents which strip the protective wax Shampoo&Wax 500ml-RT S4+Afrom the paintwork leaving it open to the elements, causing damage (rust, paintwork blooming, oxidization, fine scratches & swirls) and ultimately affecting the resale value of the car.

Marketing director, Ben Johnson said: “We decided to undertake this research to better understand customer needs but it has really highlighted the fact that those using washing up liquid are unaware that they could be doing more harm than good. It’s great to see that nearly half of car owners still take the time to wash their cars themselves. However, we need to continue to educate that using a proper shampoo and wax is important to ensure both exterior car health and resale value.”


“Those using washing up liquid to clean their car’s exterior should understand that it will contain a grease removing agent which removes the wax and could make a real mess of the bodywork.


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Source: Independent Car Care research Mar 2016 – 1,012 car owners. For more information or samples, please contact the Simoniz press office at Smoking Gun PR on or 0161 8391986.