Consumer – Upgraded Tyreweld Gets You Back on The Road in Minutes

An emergency puncture repair in a can has been proven to get UK motorists back on the road in 90 seconds, without having to change the wheel.

HT3YA_New TyreweldTyreweld Emergency Puncture Repair, from leading UK aftermarket manufacturer, Holts, is quick and easy to use in an emergency; instantly re-inflating and repairing a tyre so it can be driven home safely before being taken to a garage for a full repair.

According to a survey by Girls Guide to Motoring, a whopping 59 per cent of women confess to not being able to change a tyre compared to just 23 per cent of men. Whilst the RAC reports that it attends more than 340,000 puncture related incidents a year.

Removing the need to undo wheel nuts, use a jack or take the wheel off, Tyreweld provides the perfect solution for those people who’ve experienced a puncture but do not have the confidence to change the tyre.

Always putting safety first, a unique twist and go valve on Tyreweld means drivers can simply attach the nozzle to the tyre valve and then move to a safe place away from passing traffic.
Tyreweld contains a water-based foam that acts as a car tyre sealant; the solution reinflates the tyre and, when the vehicle is driven, it finds the puncture and repairs it.
The water-based formula does not damage the tyre and can be easily wiped out by a mechanic, ensuring that the full tyre repair is a hassle free job.
Claire Fenton, at Holts, said: “Flat tyres can come at the worst times – when you’ve got a car full of children, are running late to a special occasion or on the way to work – and can be inconvenient, time-consuming and stressful.
“Tyreweld is the perfect solution for punctures and has been designed and fully tested by our in-house lab team to be as quick and easy to use as possible, helping get drivers safely on their way again without the need for a wheel change at the side of a busy road.
“With many new cars now being sold without a spare tyre, in a bid to make vehicles as fuel efficient as possible, we like to describe Tyreweld as ‘peace of mind, in a can, in your boot’.”


Tyreweld has also been given the seal of approval by professional mechanics, with many recommending the product to their customers.


Ian Dodsworth, Lyles of Newcastle, said: “We have some elderly customers who are not able to change a spare wheel. This provides a quick answer to their problem.”
Jonathan Fry, Hull-based Jonathan Fry Automotive, said: “I have recommended customers carry a can of Tyreweld for years and never had a complaint from a customer. It’s the only brand I’ll carry in my own car.”


Tyreweld is available nationwide in Halfords, Tesco stores, DIY retailers and petrol stations. Tried and tested to exceed all British industry standards, Tyreweld comes in 300ml, 400ml and 500ml sizes which are suitable for tyre diameters of 13-14”, 15-16” and 17” respectively.