Working with Professional Mechanics

Holt Lloyd International manufacture many consumer products across our 4 brands, but we also develop and manufacture products for professional mechanics as well. Holts has a dedicated professional range for use in garages which helps with a range of problems from cleaning and lubrication to leak repairs. Prestone also provide mechanics with coolant/antifreeze and Head Gasket and Engine Block Repair, while the paint products from Holts and Simoniz are also use by professionals.

Working directly with mechanics has two benefits – it allows us to develop the right products for them and it also allows us to create products for consumers which of a professional quality.

In order to strengthen this aspect of our business, we recruited a Professional Panel earlier this year. The panel is made up of 11 mechanics from garages and MOT centres , who will work with us over the year to test products and put them through their paces on real jobs. They’ll provide us with honest feedback and help us to better understand their needs in the garage, and they’ll also give us reviews and endorsements, so whether you’re a professional yourself or just looking for some reliable products for your car repairs, you’ll know that you can trust us.

You can read more about the panel and meet some of the panellists here at Holts and here at Prestone.