8 Lesser Known Motorsports You Have to Start Loving

If you love motorsport but are bored of watching Formula 1 on a Sunday afternoon, there are lots of other motor races out there that will satisfy your need for speed. From hardcore off-roading to super truck racing; here are eight lesser known motorsports you’re sure to fall in love with.

Rock Bouncing

If you thought the WRC was exciting, make way for Rock Bouncing — rallying’s extreme alter ego. Taking place on ridiculously tough terrain, Rock Bouncing sees a handful of 500bhp buggies hurtling full speed around a jagged, hilly circuit, overcoming obstacles you wouldn’t think possible in a four-wheeler.



Top Fuel Dragster

Drag Racing

If you thought drag racing was reserved for rednecks in the American South, you’d be wrong. The UK actually has its own drag racing league, the MSA British Drag Racing Championship, and it’s arguably one of the most exhilarating motorsports in the country. On race day, hundreds of nitrous and methanol fuelled dragsters line up to race the quarter mile stretch, reaching speeds in excess of 200mph in under 6 seconds.
Lawnmower Racing

At the more sedate end of the Motorsport spectrum, lawnmower racing has grown in popularity over the years, so much so that a group of enthusiasts created the British Lawn Mower Racing Association. Sure it isn’t broadcast on TV, but it is strangely thrilling, with the dinky racers hitting surprisingly fast speeds as they race around the well pruned circuit.

Rasentraktorrennen kurz nach dem Start

Formula Off Road

First established in Iceland to offer an alternative to F1, Formula Off Road has since grown in popularity — becoming a spectator favourite among many motorsport fans. Unlike rallying, Formula Off Road doesn’t take place on a traditional circuit. Instead, the racetrack is created in the countryside using markers, which are placed to make it as entertaining and extreme as possible for bystanders.

Super Truck Racing

If you’re a motorsport lover, you’ll probably have heard of Super Truck Racing — but have you ever been to watch it? If not, you should. Despite their size, Super Truck trucks are incredibly fast and agile, so much so they’re able to tackle a number of famous racetracks across Europe, including Brands Hatch, Silverstone and the Nürburgring.


Head into the British countryside at specific times throughout the year, and you’ll likely come across an Autograss race. Also known as ‘grass tracking’, Autograss is an amateur-friendly form of rallying, which sees keen race fans pitting their finely-tuned Ford Escorts against rivals on a closed oval circuit. The sport has endured since the 1960s, making it one of Britain’s oldest and most prestigious motoring events.

The 360

Taking place at professional racetracks across the country, the 360 is a six hour endurance race that’s open to amateur teams as well as professional racing drivers. That means the event attracts all manner of different cars, from Porsches and Ferraris to Ford Fiestas and Volkswagen Beetles.

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a legendary motoring event, taking place in Colorado, USA each year. As the name suggests, the race is a contest to see who can drive uphill the fastest — but this isn’t just any hill, and these aren’t just any old drivers. Many professional race drivers travel to Pikes Peak each year, where a 12 mile, 156 bend road-rally stage awaits.

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