The Best Outdoor Activities in the UK

British summers might be unpredictable, but that’s no excuse for not getting out in the fresh air and doing something adventurous. After all, some of the best fun can be had in the mud!

If you’re looking for some fun days out to share with friends or to entertain the children, here are some activities that will let you get stuck in and enjoy the thrills of the UK countryside.

  1. Quad biking – This is a great activity for a group, and older children and teenagers can do it so it’s a great way to get the family together over the summer holidays. There are places you can do it all over the UK, so chances are there’s somewhere near you – Quad Biking Nation have a pretty extensive network.
  2. Go Ape! – High energy, high wire, high adrenaline fun swinging through the trees in a safety harness. Go Ape! will test your nerves but will definitely not leave you bored. With options for adults and children, this is a great way to have an extreme adventure as a family while getting some exercise and enjoying some great scenery at the same time.
  3. Paintballing – If you’re looking for something competitive, consider an activity like paintballing. Not just an experience for stag dos, paintballing is a game for anyone who likes the sound of running around outside, testing their shooting skills and maybe getting a bit muddy.
  4. A track day experience – Are you a speed demon? Do you want the thrill of racing round at track smelling the rubber as it burns? Then get yourself down to a track day. With options for cars and motorcycles and a range of differently priced experiences, there’s something for everyone.
  5. Off-roading – Britain has some amazing scenery, which often can’t be appreciated from the road. Regions like the Lake District and Yorkshire have special tracks and areas which you can off-road on. Book with an off-roading company and you’ll get a vehicle, training, and supervision if you need it. Alternatively, you could take your own bike or 4×4 up onto the tracks – if you do this make sure that you plan ahead. Stick to established off-roading routes so you don’t stray into trouble, and make sure your car can handle it. If it’s a hot day and you’re going to be putting your vehicle through its paces you need to prepare. Check its oil and water levels. Make sure you have a coolant/antifreeze which works in extremes and look over your tyres to check for decent tread depth and pressure.