Holts Professional Panel to put Prestone products through their paces

Prestone products have been tested and proven to excel in some of the most extreme conditions and climates across the globe but continual development and innovation is essential to ensure they perform as effectively as they promise. Feedback from British mechanics will form a vital part of Prestone’s product development process and will help us to create products for both drivers and professional mechanics alike.

The Professional Panel is made up of eleven mechanics who volunteered to join and to test our products first hand. They work across service garages and MOT centres, and use products like these every day on customers’ cars. Over the next year we will be asking our panelists to put the latest Prestone products through their paces in typical workshop conditions, so you know that if they ’re good enough for the professionals they ’re good enough for you.

Meet 3 of our panelists below and find out why they wanted to join:

James Curran – Owner of Carmatech

“ As the owner of a small workshop I am always looking to use the latest and best quality products on my customers ’ vehicles ”

Jonathan Fry – Director at Jonathan Fry Automotive

“ I work on the latest generation vehicles, equipped with the latest technology and rely on innovative products to support the work I do. There’s nothing worse than being late to the party when new products are released! ”

Paul Robbie – Proprietor at Paul Robbie Motor Services

“We only use quality products that we have total confidence and trust in. No matter how large or small the job, we have to have total confidence in the products we use ”

You can read their reviews here on our website, and you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the panel’s contributions over the coming year.

Written by Kat Morris