Keeping Newquay Cool

People in Newquay are pretty cool, with all the surfing and chilling out on the beach. The sun can heat things up though, and we know that if you’re spending the day by the sea with the family and the dog, the last think you want is to come back to a baking hot car.

At Prestone, we’re all about helping cars to keep cool in extremes, so we took to the streets of Newquay to meet some of the locals and holidaymakers, and spread a little summer shade.


Armed with 400 sun screens for cars and 300 bottles of Prestone Car Vogue BrynReady to Use Coolant/Antifreeze, we worked with local auto shop Car Vogue to give people some freebies for their cars down by Fistral Beach. People thought the sun screens were an awesome idea for keeping their car cool, and loved bagging themselves some coolant/antifreeze as an extra free present.







Car Vogue in Newquay are big Prestone fans, so it was great to head over there and meet the team. We gave them some sun screens to give to their customers and had some laughs taking pictures with the freebies and their Prestone display!





Then we headed down to the beach for the big giveaway. Check out the photos from the day below. Have you got a Prestone sun screen? Why not share your picture with us!

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Sun screen on car

With sun screenMan with sun screen





Team by Car