New and improved: Why choose Prestone for your car

For decades, we’ve been at the forefront of coolant/antifreeze technology and our patented formula is the number 1 in the US and trusted around the world by drivers, mechanics and manufacturers.

We push ourselves constantly at Prestone – researching, developing and testing relentlessly to make sure our products are the best. So how does this affect you, the driver?

Well, our new and improved coolant/antifreeze offers you the best protection on the market and makes life easier for you as a driver.

Here’s how.

Prestone Products, Suitable for all Makes and ModelsLike all Prestone coolant/antifreeze, you can add it to any product that’s already in the system. So if you buy a car and need to top up, but don’t know what colour coolant is in there it’s ok, you can add Prestone. Some coolants, if you mix them, caused clogging and gelling products but with Prestone you don’t need to worry about it not mixing safely.

You can also put it in any car, so whether you’re topping up or doing a full flush and refill it’s safe to use in your vehicle.

So it’s easy for you to choose Prestone, as you can be sure it will work in any make and model of car, but how does it help you once it’s in the system?

Over time the components in your car’s cooling system become damaged and can be susceptible to corrosion and rust. This obviously impacts performance and can lead to you needing repairs. Problems with the cooling system can lead to leaks, overheating and breakdowns, so it’s important to make sure you’re protecting the system.

Prestone Ready To Use Coolant AntifreezePrestone gives you more protection than any other coolant/antifreeze – the patented inhibitor technology protects against corrosion for 300,000 miles or 10 years, so you can put it in the system and it won’t need to be flushed and refilled for years. This saves you money and effort in the long term. When you add Prestone it layers the cooling system to protect the components, preventing corrosion and rust to help prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs. And the good news is that even if you just use Prestone to top up, and there’s something else already in the system, it will still improve your corrosion protection.

This protection is guaranteed by Prestone to give you extra reassurance. You can actually see it here in this example after 80,000 miles of testing:

Prestone:                                                                                                            Other Coolant/Antifreeze:

Results after using Prestone Products Results after using other cleaning products


Another level of reassurance you get from Prestone is that it won’t invalidate your warranty, so if your car’s still under warranty and you’re concerned that you need to put a specific coolant in, it’s ok. Using Prestone won’t void your warranty, and as it exceeds all performance requirements and is trusted by manufacturers you know you’ll be using the best quality product to protect your car.

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