Prestone – From the US Lab to Your Car

For more than 85 years, Prestone has been developing products to protect your car’s cooling system and engine. Although the motor industry has changed beyond recognition since Prestone’s launch in 1927, the company’s dedication to keeping cars operating at their peak has never wavered – evolving in tandem with car technology advances.

When Prestone was launched, the motor industry was still in its infancy with motorists facing a myriad of new problems. One such problem was engines freezing due to many cars’ lack of heaters and side windows – leading to Prestone’s development of the number 1 coolant/antifreeze, helping cars start in cold conditions.

Throughout the 30s, Prestone’s continued to develop and market a series of industry firsts including the first inhibitor designed protect a car’s cooling system and reduce rust formation. Prestone has always been at the forefront of innovation, able to evolve with the major changes in car and engine manufacturing standards and procedures including the agreement in the 1960s between the three major US car companies – Ford, GM and Chrysler – to install coolant/antifreeze solutions in new cars, which led to antifreeze/coolant becoming a year-round functional fluid.

Today, Prestone coolant/antifreeze products are created and tested in 12 research and development laboratories across the US, and facilities throughout the world. Ever the innovators, Prestone combines the product’s rich US heritage and constant research and development from industry-leading minds ensures Prestone remains a market leader throughout the world.

Never resting on their laurels, the research and development teams are constantly testing new methods and formulas to engineer high performing Prestone products using the best technology in the main laboratory located in Connecticut, US.

The Prestone products are tested in some of the world’s most extreme conditions and locations – helping the brand guarantee your car will perform at its best in all conditions, regardless of temperature or locations. The company famously subjected their products to the harshest ever antifreeze tests in the 1930s during an 11,000 mile drive through the Sahara desert so we know they will perform for you every day in the UK.

Many of Prestone’s products are now recognised as industry standards; performing above and beyond their duty to excel in extremes. Learn more about Prestone coolant/antifreeze.

Written by Kat Morris