Top it Up, Bring it On – Getting your Car Ready for Anything.

At the Prestone MSA British Rally Championship, drivers need to prepare for everything and be ready for anything – tough terrains, rugged roads and unpredictable weather conditions stand in the way of every entrant looking to push themselves and their motors to the absolute limits.

That’s why Prestone is sponsoring the 58th edition of the competition: we excel in extremes. Every one of our products is built to stand up to the harshest of conditions. From our Max Visibility Screenwash to our Rapid De-Icer, we’re dedicated to making light work of difficult situations so your vehicle performs at its best, every time.

Before you hit the road, here’s everything you need to know about Prestone’s performance-optimising range right now. Tested in extreme conditions, we’re still committed to innovating and delivering the best in car maintenance whatever your needs.


Extreme Performance Screen Wash

Even in summer, your windscreen takes a beating: bugs, dirt and other ‘unwanted deposits’ from birds all affect clarity on the road, so it’s important to maintain optimum visibility for safer driving performance. That’s where our Extreme Performance Screenwash comes in.

With no need to dilute, our ready-to-use formula quickly removes dirt, eliminating potentially dangerous sun dazzle for maximum field of vision. Made with a new and improved, streak-free formula, we conducted both seasonal driving and extreme road conditions in its testing, and the results were the same: fast-acting, clear visibility in any situation. And since it melts ice down to -23°C, it’s a versatile essential for all-weather performance, wherever you are.

It’s not just us either, Auto Express awarded our screenwash its Best Buy accolade in its run down of the best summer screenwashes this year, choosing it over pricier washes from Michelin and Stoner.


Not knowing which coolant/antifreeze to use is always a bit of a conundrum. Which colour works? Is it compatible with other solutions? Will it cause damage or clog up my car? We know you’ve been there before. Our coolant/antifreeze is the number one product of its kind in the US because it eliminates those problems, and you can buy it here in the UK too.

pouring coolant prestone

It mixes with any colour of coolant, works in all kinds of cars and is ready to use right out of the bottle, so it’ll meet your car’s specifications regardless of its make or model. Tested in the most extreme conditions, including the scorching heat of the Sahara Desert, it performs from -37°C to 129°C without sacrificing its performance.

Its corrosion, frost and heat-resistant formula is long-lasting too – engineered technology means it’ll last for up to 10 years or 150,000 miles, so once you’ve topped it up, you’re ready to go whatever the weather.

Rapid De-Icer 

winter carPut an end to those frosty mornings scraping away ice in a vain attempt to clear up your windscreen – our Rapid De-Icer cuts through ice in no time at all. In fact, no de-icer works faster.

Tested in the most extreme conditions by our trusted experts, it works every day throughout winter, meaning you can spend more time getting ready for the day ahead and less time defrosting your car. Even against thick snow and ice, it performs and performs.

What’s more, it melts ice down to -40°C and prevents re-freezing, so you can hit the road without worry.

DOT 4 Brake Fluid 

Over the course of the BRC, competitors’ brakes go through some real punishment, so it’s essential to have the right brake fluid for optimal performance.

Over time, brake fluid absorbs water from its surroundings. As this happens, it heats up and stops the full transfer of braking power. It’s vital that your car uses a fluid with a high boiling point. Our DOT 4 Brake Fluid is built to perform to its fullest, exceeding 260°C dry boiling points and 150°C wet boiling points without compromise, protecting against corrosion and reducing the possibility of fluid vaporisation in all braking systems.

Power Steering Fluid 

Without enough fluid in your car’s steering system, maneuvering can become noisy and difficult, and you risk damaging its pump, rack and pinion over time. If you’re noticing any difficulties in steering, or it’s making a high-pitched or grinding noise when you’re turning, then, a fluid to aid with the steering movements will help.

Developed in our lab using innovative engineered technology, Prestone Power Steering Fluid can be used in all vehicles with power steering, preventing corrosion, reducing wear and tear on your car’s seals and gasket, delivering a smoother driving experience every time.

Head Gasket & Engine Block Repair

An easy-to-use essential, our Head & Gasket Engine Block Repair is an all-purpose solution to a variety of engine block, cylinder head, freeze plug and heater core leaks. Developed by the same experts who brought you the US’s number one coolant, it works in any car and combines with any coolant/antifreeze without problems.

There’s no need to drain or flush anything beforehand, pour it in and its anti-corrosion formula does all the work for you, permanently fixing any problems with your car’s cooling system. Plus, the specially developed liquid does not form into a gel, so it won’t damage your car over time.

Heavy Duty Coolant/Antifreeze

If you run a fleet, cooling system failure could be a big problem for you. Stats show it is responsible for 40% of all heavy-duty engine downtime. Not what you need when you’ve got business to get sorted.

Prestone’s Heavy Duty Coolant/Antifreeze is up to any challenge – built to perform for 600,000 miles and 12,000 hours off-road, it protects against liner pitting and the silicate-free formula eliminates radiator blockages.

Just like the drivers in this year’s British Rally Championship, optimal performance wherever you drive is essential. Whatever you go for, Prestone’s range gets your motor ready for anything, delivering a driving experience like nothing before it.

Prestone products are put through their paces in the most extreme conditions, so they’re guaranteed to offer brilliant performance and protection. For more information, click here to visit the Prestone homepage.