Which is Faster? Cars vs Animals

Human beings have always been fascinated by speed. Whether it’s the thrill of hitting 0-60 in just a few seconds or the relief of leaving the traffic jam and getting back up to 70mph on the motorway – we always want to go faster.

That’s why, when a new line of cars hits the forecourt or a new concept car makes the news, we want to know one thing first: how fast? What’s the acceleration like? What top speed can it muster? And how will it handle as we push it to the limit?

As for the animal kingdom, speed is so often even more important. For many species, their speed helps them survive and thrive out in the wild. From gazelles who use their graceful sprint to avoid predatory lions on the hunt to birds of prey who can reach massive speeds in the air to surprise prey.

A cheetah at full pace on a hunt, this female cheetah was chasing a Thompson gazelle across the grasses of the Masai Mara, Kenya

So, who is faster? Have our cars overtaken the mighty sprinters of the animal kingdom to become the kings of speed? Or does nature still rule supreme when it comes to getting from A to B in the shortest time possible? To figure out which is the champion of speed, we pitted a selection of popular automobiles against animals in a straight sprint to the finish line.

Try our quiz below to see if you know which is faster, cars or animals.

So, how did you do? Were you a speed champ yourself, racing to gold with no wrong turns and no wrong answers? Or did you find the top speeds of the animal kingdom a little more surprising? However you did, let us know over on the Prestone Facebook page, we’ll soon be revealing who scooped the top prize and how many people were stumped by the questions.

For more information about how Prestone can keep your car’s temperature regulated regardless of its top speed, head over to the homepage today.

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