Professional Coolant/Antifreeze

Our new coolant/antifreeze technology has been developed using 14 patents in our world-leading development centre. Prestone coolant/antifreeze remains at the forefront of automotive technology and is suitable for use in all makes, all models & all engines, guaranteed. It will safely mix with any colour or specification of coolant/antifreeze already in the system.

The patented technology offers superior protection against corrosion and instantly layers and protects all components of the cooling system, preventing the spread of cavitation, corrosion, erosion and scale. Cor-Guard technology provides unrivalled protection for up to 300,000 miles/480,000km or 10 years. It is used as first fill by multiple leading vehicle manufacturers.

  • Brand new patented technology with 17 new patents
  • All makes, all models, all engines, guaranteed
  • Superior protection against corrosion
  • Longer engine life
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Protection for up to 300,000 miles or 480,000km
  • Used as first fill by multiple leading vehicle manufacturers
  • Safely mixes with any colour or specification of coolant/antifreeze


Whether you are simply topping up or want to flush and fill the entire system, dilute with deionised water according to the table below.

Our fleet testing showed that Prestone protected the water pump so that it was like new after 150,000 miles compared to others:

Other coolant/antifreeze                                                                                      Prestone










This is a newly launched product which will filter through to your usual retailers.

1L – PAFR0042A
4L – PAFR0045A
20L – PAFR0048A
60L – PAFR0049A
205L – PAFR0050A


For a complete cooling system flush: