St. George’s Day is upon us, and to celebrate the feast day of our patron saint, we’ve scoured the length and breadth of the country to uncover our country’s most idyllic road trips.


With twists, turns and stunning scenery, these exhilarating roads are a far cry from the monotony of the motorway — plunging through some of England’s most beautiful pockets of countryside. What could be a better way to celebrate St. George’s Day?


Cat and Fiddle — Buxton to Macclesfield

Perhaps England’s best loved driving road; the Cat and Fiddle (or A537 as it’s officially known) has been a popular spot for motoring enthusiasts for decades thanks to its winding bends and stunning backdrop. The road stretches from one side of the Peak District to the other, and has a brilliant pub on its summit that’s a great place to stop off for Sunday lunch. Be careful though, as the Police often deploy unmarked cars on the road to deter drivers and motorcyclists from driving too quickly.

Buxton to Macclesfield

A153 — Horncastle to Louth

 Lincolnshire may be famously flat, but thanks to its low population numbers, the county benefits from lots of quiet A and B roads that are a joy to drive in the summer. One of the best is the A153, which connects the towns of the Horncastle and Louth in the midst of the Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The road covers fourteen miles, and is often traffic-free depending on the time of day, so you’re unlikely to get held up.


Snake Pass — Manchester to Sheffield 

Previously listed as one of the UK’s best driving roads by Auto Trader Magazine, Snake Pass is often driven in conjunction with the Cat and Fiddle, and offers challenging bends and plenty of exhilarating road camber. With incredible views across Ladybower Reservoir, and a great descent into the town of Glossop, this A road is sheer excitement from end to end.

Northern England Countryside, Summer

B3306 — St Ives to St Just 

If you’re travelling to the sunny South West for your summer holiday this year, forget the motorway and make your way there on the B3306 instead. Linking the idyllic Cornish villages of St Ives and St Just, this glorious ribbon of tarmac delivers short straights, tight turns and plenty of sweeping right-handers. But by far the best thing about the B3306 is its views, with charming green fields giving way to the wild Atlantic Coast.

B3224 — Wheddon Cross and Brendon Hill 

The Exmoor National Park is famed for its scenic beauty, and the B3224 cuts a track right the way through it — perfect for those who like a brooding backdrop. Although it’s fairly short (the route will take around ten minutes to complete in normal traffic conditions), the twists and turns promise one of the best driving experiences of your life.

Driving up the Hardknott Pass

Cheddar Gorge — Axbridge to Ashwick 

Dictated by the steep walls of the gorge itself, the Cheddar Gorge road is a demanding drive even for the most experienced of motorists. The tarmac winds through a narrow crack in the rock, and features endless hairpins that follow the massive curtains of limestone. Once you emerged from the fissure, you’ll be granted far-reaching views across Somerset, making all that scariness well worth the effort.

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