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6 Ways to Protect Your Turbo Engine

Does your car have a turbocharged engine? If so, there are things you should do to protect it. Turbos are much more complex than “naturally-aspirated” engines, and require special treatment to keep them performing at their best. Regular maintenance and changes to your driving style are what’s needed to get the most from a turbo
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What is a Turbo Engine and How Does It Work?

We’ve all heard of turbo engines but how much do you know about how they work? In this guide, we look at the ins and outs of turbochargers, from their benefits and downsides to how they differ from normally aspirated engines. Blog Sign Up "*" indicates required fields Newsletter Sign Up Name* Full Name Email*
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What Is Engine Braking and Can It Harm Your Car?

Using a footbrake is the safest way to slow a car, both in normal conditions and in an emergency. But is it the most efficient? Here, we look at the other option drivers can use to slow a car – engine braking. Quick links: What is engine braking? How to engine brake What are the
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10 Ways to Recognise the Signs of Car Engine Damage

We all know it’s important to take care of your car’s engine, but it can be easy to overlook, ignore or dismiss potential warning signs as ‘just a blip’ or something that you don’t need to get checked out until later. But, before it’s too late and you risk seriously damaging the engine, it’s worth