Finding a Car With Good Fuel Economy

Finding a Car With Good Fuel Economy

Filling up a car, money in handIf you’re looking to cut down on the cost of running a car or want to reduce your environmental impact – or even a combination of both – you’ll need to know how to find a car with good fuel economy.

We’ve put together this guide to fuel economy to help you make the right decision when purchasing your next car.

Find the MPG

Car manufacturers, brochures and sales people will offer an MPG figure (miles per gallon) for vehicles, but these are not always 100% accurate as they’re tested in perfect conditions. You’ve probably noticed that once you get a car out on the road you don’t get the advertised MPG.

Using an independent tool such as What Car’s Real MPG page it is possible to seek a far more accurate fuel economy. The tool demonstrates both the actual MPG and the percentage of the official MPG figure the car achieves – giving you greater insight about how much the car will cost to run.

Add to the Economy

Due care and diligence can help maintain the fuel economy of the car in the long-term. Redex Petrol Treatment has been designed to remove harmful deposits which have built up on in the fuel system and impact upon the car’s performance, potentially reducing the MPG it is able to achieve.

By clearing the harmful deposits which have built up on the fuel system, your car will offer a greater fuel economy – potentially cutting your fuel costs. Simple, regular use can help you save money in the long-term.

Maintain your Tyre Pressure

Keeping tyre pressure at the correct and healthy level can also benefit the fuel economy of the car. Check the tyre pressure of your car every other time you refuel, ensuring the tyres are well inflated and healthy.

Additionally, rotating the tyres every six months or 6,000 miles can help keep the tyres healthy and even out the natural wear and tear. Rotate the front right tyre with the back left and the front left with the back right.

Not only will this help your car maintain a good fuel economy, it will also keep your tyres healthier for longer – reducing the risk of damage caused by long-term wear and tear.

Check the complete Redex Range for a selection of products designed to maintain and improve fuel economy.

Written by Kat Morris