Do I need to use Redex if I use Premium Fuel?

If you take pride in caring for your car – regular valeting, servicing on time, keeping the inside clean and tidy – you’ll probably have thought at some point about the fuel you put in it. Should you spend a bit more on the “super unleaded”? What does “premium unleaded” mean? Are the cheaper fuels good enough?

Improving MPG - man at pumpAs part of the EU, unleaded petrol supplied at the pump in the UK must be made to the European standard EN228. This is a minimum standard and doesn’t require the fuel to contain an additive like Redex. Over time, all vehicles suffer from performance robbing deposits forming in the fuel system. Some fuels contain additives to prevent these deposits from reducing your vehicle’s performance, but the truth is that in the UK it’s quite difficult to determine exactly what is in your fuel and whether it’s worth spending money on the more expensive options.

You might find that premium fuels do seem to offer you better MPG and help to keep your car running at its best. However you might also find that these benefits depend on the brand of petrol or where you buy your fuel.

Redex is different; it offers you the option to buy standard grade unleaded petrol from wherever you want, but still get the best out of your car. Adding Redex to your car will always help to provide better MPG and engine performance, no matter where you buy your petrol.

This is why people have been trusting Redex to provide their car with fuel additives for nearly 100 years. It allows you to control what you’re putting in to your car. If you add a shot of Redex every tank, you know that you’re adding the right mixture of fuel additives to clean your engine, giving you better fuel economy and reducing emissions.

One shot of Redex will provide you with peace of mind that you’re doing the best for you and your car and could save money on expensive garage costs in the longer term.

Written by Bruce Ellis