Quiz – How Well Do You Know Your UK Driving Laws?

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Just how well do we Brits know our own driving laws? Do you think you’re an expert on the rules of the road? We’ve got some odd driving rules here in the UK, and over the years some myths have built up about what you can and can’t do.

So, put your knowledge to the test with our driving laws quiz. We’ve put together eight tricky questions that will test your knowledge of the laws and legislation we should all be aware of – are you up to the challenge? Take the quiz below to find out.

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So, how did you do? Whether you’re feeling smug or you need to brush up, we’d love to hear how you did, so don’t forget to share your results on our Facebook page. Don’t worry – we won’t judge!

We’ve also been out on the streets recently asking people what they think about some of our obscure rules and finding out about the common myths and mistakes among drivers, so keep following to find out more about our weird driving laws!

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However well you know the rules of the road and the UK’s weirder driving laws, one thing’s for sure: Redex can help you enjoy a better drive. Our innovative fuel additives improve the health and performance of your engine, so you can get more from every drop of fuel. Visit our homepage to find out more.