Redex Celebrates its 100th Birthday on Valentine’s Day 2022

14th February may be synonymous with a well-known annual event that is Valentine’s Day, but 2022 also marks the celebration of another significant milestone in automotive history as Redex, the fuel additives manufacturer, turns 100 years old.

The Origins of Redex

Redex traces it origins back to 1922 and can be considered a stalwart of driving history.

Many road users still remember the “Penny a shot” dispensers that were used at filling stations throughout the UK. Back then, when filling the car, you could ask for a shot of Redex with it to keep your car running for longer.

As the years have gone by, the historic brand’s ownership and packaging may have changed, but the promise and realisation of improved engine performance when using Redex has been a constant.

The Forefront of Engine Technology

Today, Redex remains at the forefront of engine technology and has responded innovatively to modern day demands and challenges.

Alongside the system cleaners that Redex is famous for, the product line has been extended to include engine oil, AdBlue, and Pre-MOT emissions reducers.

Additionally, the formula has been tweaked to counteract the effects of E10 petrol corrosion for older vehicles.

100th Birthday Celebrations

As part of the centennial birthday celebrations, Redex will be offering 10 bundles of their products and 100 free t-shirts as part of a social media giveaway campaign.

This week-long prize draw will feature on the Redex Facebook page, Twitter profile, and in the exclusive Redex Car Club group.

Redex Brand Manager, Lisa Richardson said:

“We’re delighted to wish Redex a very Happy Birthday.

To reach 100 years old, is testament to enduring quality of the product and it’s status as a cherished brand amongst the nation’s road users.”

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