Test Your Technical Car Knowledge


Think you know what goes on beneath a car bonnet like the back of your hand? Take our tricky technical car quiz and put your knowledge to the test.

Most drivers know only the basics of how a car works, while some may struggle even with that. If you’re someone who’s happy to leave the mechanical stuff to the pros, this quiz might not be for you – because right here, we’re getting technical.

Modern cars are amazing machines. They comprise of multiple systems working simultaneously to power us from A to B, all of which are wonderfully complex in their own right.

For those who enjoy the ins and outs of cars, we’ve put together this devilishly tricky quiz, testing your knowledge of everything from the pistons to the big end bearings. So, if you think you’re clued up when it comes to cars, why not take our technical quiz and find out?

How did you get on? Did you ace our quiz and are keen to show off your score? Or could you do with a little more revision on what’s going on beneath the bonnet? We’d love to hear how you did, so get in touch by joining a community of car lovers over on the Redex Club Facebook page.

If you’re keen to know more about how cars work or need help fixing a fault, Redex can help. Our blog is full of how-to guides and information on everything from how turbochargers work to the most common types of car engine, so you can easily scrub up on your knowledge and learn how to take better care of your car’s engine.

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