What is Diesel One Shot Boot Pack?

Redex Diesel One Shots are an easy and convenient way to save fuel and to be confident that your fuel injectors are clean and working properly.

  • Cleans fuel system
  • Reduces emissions
  • Restores performance
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Improves the life of your engine


What the drivers say…

Redex diesel in useI have used Redex in my 1.9 diesel Golf for about 3 months. The engine seems quieter and the mpg has gone from 57 mpg to 65 av

Paul, Port Talbot


What the experts say…

“If you’re new to using fuel additives or haven’t used them in a while, I’d recommend adding a double dose of Redex Diesel System Cleaner in the first tank to give the injectors and fuel system a good clean.”

Dan Brearley, Research and Development Chemist

Using Redex regularly is a great way to maintain your car and keep driving further. Keeping your fuel injectors clean is an important part of engine maintenance which has benefits for the overall performance of your car. As the boot pack can be stored in your car, garage or home it’s the ideal way to make sure you don’t run out.

Keep Redex Diesel Shots to hand to add straight into your fuel tank whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions


Redex can be used as often as you like to keep you engine running well. We recommend using a shot in each tank, but you can also use it whenever you notice your MPG dropping or between fill ups.

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Over time harmful deposits will build up on your fuel injectors and this will impair the function. When the injectors are clean the fuel sprays in clean jets, but the build up impairs this so the fuel isn't used as efficiently.

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Simply pour Redex directly into the tank in the same way you add fuel. The bottles have been designed with a long neck which inserts like a fuel pump to make pouring easy.

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