Redex 5w-40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for MB, VW, RN, P

Redex 5W-40 is a fully synthetic motor oil that’s suitable for use in a range of engines, including Mercedes-Benz, VW, Renault, and Porsche models.

Both petrol and diesel drivers can use 5W-40 oil, and it’s also great for fuel injected, multi-valved or turbo-charged engines.

Providing optimal protection and lubrication, Redex 5W-40 has been developed to the highest specification, delivering impressive performance and reliability mile after mile. With years of Redex know-how in every bottle, using our 5W-40 fully synthetic oil can contribute to optimal engine health and performance.

This engine oil is recommended for applications requiring:

  • ACEA A3/B4
  • API SL CF, ACEA A3/B4, MB 229.1; MB 229.3; VW 502 00, VW 505 00; RN0700, RN0710; Porsche A40

Features and Benefits

Redex 5W-40 is a fully synthetic motor oil for Renault, Mercedes, Porsche, and VW cars and can be used in a range of different engines, including petrol and diesel variants and those with multiple valves or turbochargers.

among the best-respected non-OEM engine oils on the market, Redex 5W-40 provides comparable performance, protection, and durability to original manufacturer variants.

To keep your car’s engine in a good bill of health, fully synthetic oil offers the benchmark in protection, performance, and longevity.

With low degradation and outstanding protection against wear, corrosion and extreme temperatures, our 5W-40 blend is perfect for Renault, Mercedes, Porsche, and VW drivers alike.

Lasting longer between oil changes than conventional engine oils, Redex 5W-40 can help you save time and money in the long run.

Add to that the fact that no improvers or treatments are required, and using Redex 5W-40 becomes a complete no-brainer.

How it Works

Shielding your engine from corrosion, wear, and extreme temperatures, Redex 5W-40 is developed to provide maximum protection and long-lasting durability.

Thanks to its fully synthetic formula, lubrication and wear protection are guaranteed, helping to extend the life of your car’s engine.

Combining protection and performance with a durable fully synthetic formula, Redex 5W-40 can be used for multiple applications, including for engines with turbochargers or multiple valves.

So, whether you own a petrol or diesel Renault, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, or VW car, you can use 5W-40 to achieve outstanding engine protection and an all-round better drive.

Not sure if Redex 5W-40 is compatible with your car? Always refer to your vehicle’s manual for recommended engine oil variants, and use our online oil checker tool to find the Redex oil for your needs.

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