What is Adblue® and Why Do I Need It?

Adblue® (also known as diesel exhaust fluid) is a fluid which reduces harmful NOx emission from your car’s exhaust by converting them into nitrogen and steam. It can reduce emissions by up to 80%. Car manufacturers have to meet certain standards regarding emissions and an EU directive means that from September 2014, Adblue® tanks will be fitted in new diesel cars. This means that over the coming years topping up Adblue® will become a standard part of owning a diesel car.

Running out of Adblue® will cause your car to stop, so having a spare bottle to hand is sensible and will help to keep your car running for longer. It’s a good way to make sure your car is always topped up and healthy to keep you driving.

You should be aware though, that topping up your Adblue® can be a bit tricky. You don’t want to spill it because it’s quite an unpleasant liquid, and contaminates in the tank can cause damage so you shouldn’t use funnels or dirty bottles.