My car has Ford Easy Fuel. How do I add Redex to my tank?

Own a new Ford, and chances are your car will be fitted with Ford Easy Fuel – a new filler cap designed to prevent mis-fuelling (petrol in diesel and vice-versa) and deter potential fuel thieves. Whilst this may prevent fuel mishaps, it does mean it’s slightly more difficult to add fuel to your vehicle in the event of an emergency, using a jerry can.

For such eventualities, Ford includes a compatible fuel funnel with all cars fitted with the Easy Fuel system, which is designed to let you add fuel from a portable container. This funnel is typically kept near the spare tyre in the boot of your car, but its exact location will be listed in the owner manual if you’re struggling to find it.

Despite being fitted with a long, slim neck, designed to fit most vehicles on the road today, the Redex fuel system cleaner bottle can’t be used directly with Ford’s double valve Easy Fuel cap-less filler system. The Easy Fuel cap is designed to allow a fuel pump nozzle only, so you need to use a separate funnel when adding Redex to your car.

To add a shot of Redex to your Ford vehicle using the fuel funnel, simply insert the funnel in the fuel tank before adding Redex as shown on the label.

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