How much Redex should I add to my vehicle?

Our petrol and diesel fuel system cleaners are supplied in 90ml, 250ml and 500ml sizes. The smaller, 90ml bottle provides one shot or dose of fuel additive, the 250ml version contains two doses and the 500ml provides 4 shots. One shot of Redex fuel cleaner is capable of treating a fifty-litre fuel tank, but those who have never used a fuel additive before – or those who own an older car – may wish to use two shots for an intensive clean, particularly during first application. Also, if your tank is larger or smaller than 50 litres you can still use the recommended dosage with same level of performance being achieved.

Each Redex bottle clearly shows how many shots it contains on the front label, with easy guide ‘shot’ marking on the side. Adding more than one shot of Redex won’t do any harm to your car and can give you a more intensive clean, so don’t worry if your pouring isn’t exact.

Our products are tested rigorously in real life situations, and ensure no harmful side effects. Redex mixes with your fuel, so simply add it to your tank when you top up to help you improve your MPG and save money.

You can view more information about Redex on our blog and product pages, including how to use Redex, how to keep your car in good condition and how our full range can help you. If you would like to get in touch with us to ask us a question, you can find our details on the contact us page.

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