Your Diesel System Cleaner FAQs Answered

Redex Diesel System Cleaner offers a convenient way to ensure your car is running at its best. If you’re unsure of the benefits, or just want to know how to use it, our Diesel System Cleaner FAQs should provide the help and advice you need.

How often do I use a Diesel System Cleaner?

You can use Redex Diesel System Cleaner as often as you like to clean your engine’s fuel system and injectors. We’ve designed Diesel System Cleaner to be convenient and easy to use, so you can add a dose whenever you need to ensure long-term engine health and performance.

Typically, we recommend adding a shot of Diesel System Cleaner to your car each time you fill up with fuel. This will help you get optimal results to keep your car running at its best. Failing that, a shot of Redex once a month can help to maintain the engine during day-to-day driving conditions.

Can I use a Diesel System Cleaner on a petrol engine?

No, we wouldn’t recommend using Diesel System Cleaner in a petrol engine. Although using the product wouldn’t cause any damage, it’s unlikely to offer any benefits since it has been developed specifically for diesel cars.

If you have a petrol car, use Redex Petrol System Cleaner for optimal results and improved engine health. You can browse our complete range of maintenance fluids for petrol engines here.

Does Diesel System Cleaner work?

Diesel System Cleaner offers an effective means of cleaning deposits and dirt from within your car’s engine. With its special cleaning formula, the product removes build-up from the fuel injectors and other components within the fuel system, restoring performance and helping to improve engine health.

How do I use Diesel System Cleaner?

Using Redex Diesel System Cleaner is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. No need to pop the bonnet – simply add straight to your car’s fuel tank.

Every bottle of Diesel System Cleaner is designed to be easy to use, with dosage measurements on the side to help you add a single shot of Redex at a time. Simply remove the cap, insert the neck into your car’s fuel filler car, and add the required dose.

Is Diesel System Cleaner Safe to Use?

Redex Diesel System Cleaner is safe to use on all makes and models of diesel cars. It’s guaranteed not to damage your car’s internal components, and even if you add too much, there will be no harmful or long-lasting effects.

We’ve designed Diesel System Cleaner to be easy to use, so there’s very little risk of spillage. However, if you do get some on your hands, simply wash off with water. The same applies if you spill some on your car or other surfaces.

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