3 Steps to Beautiful Wheels

Protection and Shine for your Wheels

Achieving a showroom finish on your wheels is easy, thanks to the Simoniz 3 Step Wheel routine. These easy to use products will clean and protect your wheels to offer lasting shine for a more beautiful finish.

Clean: Ultracare Alloy Cleaner

This unique alloy cleaner quickly removes tough dirt and grime without damaging your alloys. The acid-free formula ensures no corrosion, even on scuffed or scratched alloys. Use this cleaner first, and the powerful formula will quickly clean your wheels for an instantly improved appearance.

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Shine: Back to Black Tyreshine

Restore your tyres to their original black, with Back to Black Tyreshine. Spray on and buff off to remove marks and scuffs, revealing shiny tyres that look as good as new. Guaranteed to restore, protect and shine with a durable gloss finish.

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Protect: Complete Wheel Protector

The 3rd step in the routine will coat your wheels with a protective layer to keep them shining for longer. Complete Wheel Protector prevents dirt, road grim and weather from damaging your alloys. Spray on after cleaning to care for your wheels – Complete Wheel Protector offers guaranteed protection and shine.

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