The Best Staycation Hotels for Pets

If you’re a pet owner, staycations are a great way to get away from the rat race without having to leave your furry pal with friends, family, or the pros. For one, you won’t be worrying about them while you’re away. But you’ll also have the added benefit of bringing your cat, dog, horse, or whatever animal you own along for the fun.

But what if your chosen staycation destination isn’t animal friendly and you’re forced to change everything at a moment’s notice? Don’t fret, we’ve got plan B covered. Using pet-friendly accommodation site We Accept Pets, we gathered data on the UK’s top independent pet hotels – all easily accessible by car – to give you the ultimate pet-friendly staycation hotels in time for the summer months.

Key findings:

  • Dog owners looking to treat themselves and their furry friends should head to Heath Hall Farm in Surrey, the top-rated dog accommodation and top-rated hotel overall.
  • For small pet and horse accommodation, Harpfields Hop-Kiln in Tenbury Wells took the top spot.
  • For owners looking to experience more of the great outdoors, Herefordshire’s Burhope Farm Campsite took the top spot for best pet campsite.
  • Don’t want wet weather to dampen your spirits? Fullers Hill Cottages topped the table for pet staycation with the least rain.

friends riding horses

  • For vacationers looking to feel the heat, The Hind’s Head in Berkshire had the highest year-round temperature.
  • In terms of region, the South West has the most independent pet hotels and accommodations – 92 in total were featured in our findings.
  • Overall, the South East had the highest-rated pet hotels, along with the highest average temperature
  • The East of England had the lowest average rainfall per year – perfect for dog owners who don’t like a soaking on walkies. 

The Top UK Independent Dog Staycations

dogs infographicFrom Great Danes to Dachshunds, if you’re looking for somewhere your canine friend can join you, Surrey’s Heath Hall Farm took our number one spot for best dog staycation venue.

With minimal rainfall and the highest max temperature, not only is the climate perfect, but the surrounding country paths and National Trust gardens are the ideal places for them to stretch their legs and discover new and exciting smells.

Again, the South East maintains its reputation for pet-friendly accommodation, with four hotels in the top five alone, and nine overall! If your doggo is in tow this summer, then it’s looking like this is the region to be.

The Top UK Independent Small Pet Staycations

small pets infographicIf it’s small critters like cats, rabbits, or guinea pigs you’ll be bringing along with you, then Harpfields Hop-Kiln in Tenbury Wells took the top spot in our small pet staycation rankings.

With the lowest rainfall and a respectable max temperature, its total of 95 points speaks for itself. The South East region had the most hotels in the top 10, accounting for six of the pet-friendly destinations on our list, including Hornbeams B&B, Chilton Villa B&B, The Pink Shack, Avington Park Farm Cottages, Camps Heath Barn and Ranscombe House.

In terms of region, the West Midlands had two hotels feature in the list, while both the South West and the East Midlands had one apiece.

The Top UK Independent Horse Staycations

horses infographic For equine pet owners looking for the best place to get away with their horse(s), then Harpfields Hop-Kiln once again takes the top spot.

You’ll need to arrange ahead of time to bring them along, but the unspoilt surrounding countryside makes it the ideal place for serene, relaxing horse rides. Plus, with the lowest rainfall rating in our top 10, there’s little chance of wet weather spoiling your time here.

In terms of other accommodation, you’re probably starting to sense a pattern here, but once again, the South East had the most hotels in the region feature in our top 10. But for horse-friendly staycation hotels, the Midlands shouldn’t be discounted either, with both the East and West accounting for three of the 10 places on our list. So, if you’re in the area or looking to travel a little further afield when the temperatures rise, the Midlands could well be worth your time. 

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