Is there any better feeling than getting into your pristinely clean car, safe in the knowledge you’ll be drawing admiring glances as you drive around?



We’ve put together the Ultimate Car Cleaning Guide to help you do just that. This free download offers in-depth tips and tricks so you can clean your motor to a professional standard.

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Tools, Equipment and Materials

The modern car is made up of a great range of high-performance materials, all selected for durability, reliability, performance and comfort. These demand different cleaning tools and techniques, so we run through the pieces of equipment you’ll need to give your car a professional clean.

Interior Cleaning

It’s amazing how dirty the interior of a car can get, as an array of crumbs, dirt and grime manage to find their way into every nook and cranny. Although never the most glamorous of jobs, it’s important that the interior of the car is cleaned every time you give the outside a wash.

Our guide to cleaning your car’s interior includes tips on maintaining all the different materials, and information on how to remove any lingering smells.

Exterior Cleaning

We run through the Simoniz three-step process to cleaning the exterior of your car. From removing dirt to protecting paintwork, our three-step process is a comprehensive guide to help your car look its best. And it’s not just the paintwork getting a good clean, our guide covers the tyres, wheels and trim to ensure every inch of your car looks beautifully brand new.

At Simoniz, we love a car to look its very best: that’s why we’ve produced an industry-leading range of car care products. From polishes to waxes, check out the full Simoniz range here.