Downpours and Dirt – Keep shining when the sun doesn’t

Summer should be the time when we get to drive out under glorious blue skies, spend warm Sunday afternoons cleaning our car and get to admire our paintwork gleaming in the sunshine.

Unfortunately, this being Britain, we seem stuck with a summer of rain and wind, which is miserable for everyone but particularly those of us who like keeping our cars clean and looking good.

Why is rain bad for your car’s appearance?

Car driving in rain


Rainy weather has one obvious drawback which is that it gives you less opportunity to get out and wash and wax your car properly. So take advantage of any break in the weather that you get – it’s important to properly protect your car as we’ll explain further on.

Any time you get water on your car’s paintwork you’re at risk of getting water spots. Also, rain isn’t pure water – it will have minerals, salts and possibly bits of dust and dirt in it, as well as pollution, all of which will end up on your vehicle.


When you add in wind and muddy roads covered in potholes, you have the perfect conditions for a very messy car. Your wheels and lower bodywork can become covered in grit, mud and road dirt, and muddy wet shoes can create a damp and dirty interior. In the summer, the warmer weather means that dirt can dry quicker leaving it caked on to your car. Your car can also suffer from humidity, leading to rust and corrosion, and potentially even mould inside.

Shiny Clear Compact Car Body. Car Closeup Photo.

What should you do when it rains?

Unless you keep your car in a garage and never drive it, you can’t avoid it getting dirty. But you can avoid potential damage.

Firstly, make sure your car has a strong layer of protective wax. It’ll keep the harmful dirt away from the paintwork, protect it from sun damage, make it easier to clean and give you that nice beading effect during a downpour. Use a wheel protector to stop your alloys getting ruined by road dust and dirt and keep your car shining from top to bottom.

After you’ve been caught in a shower, or driven through muddy puddles, you need to clean the dirt off as quickly as possible. If you don’t have time to do a full shampoo, the best thing to do is blast it with a hose or pressure washer just with water to rinse away the build up.

Summer Car Washing. Cleaning Car Using High Pressure Water.

Tip – be careful drying your car if you haven’t shampooed it. If there’s small bits of dirt or grit still on the surface, they can get trapped under a water scraper or drying cloth and cause scratches.

Bringing damp clothes, shoes and umbrellas into the car can make it a bit unpleasant. You don’t want the interior fabrics to stay damp and go mouldy, so either air your cabin by opening windows or, if it’s wet outside, blasting the air conditioning/heaters. Keep a demisting pad or cloth in your car to wipe windows and get rid of moisture – this will improve your visibility but will also help to prevent mould.

Mud and dirt can cake in to carpets and upholstery and leave marks on interior trim so clean it off before the warm weather dries it in. Use the Simoniz Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner to get rid of tough stains  – the brush helps you get rid of even dried in dirt.

Tip – you might find your car gets smellier with all this warm, damp weather, so keep an odour neutraliser in your car to freshen up the interior.

Whatever the weather, Simoniz has a range of products which can protect your car and keep it clean. View our product ranges here.