First Daters Reluctant to Offer Lift in Messy Motors

UK motorists are spending more time in their cars and this is having a big impact on hygiene – with 69% of drivers reluctant to offer a lift to a first date. But what’s changed? And just how many of us are happy to drive around in a messy car?

Take a look at our latest infographic to find out more…

clean car press release



Cars are designed to take us places, but for many drivers, they’ve become more than a means of travel.

While drivers are adapting their cars to suit busy lifestyles, more time spent behind the wheel is having a big impact on car cleanliness.

But that’s not to say we aren’t embarrassed by driving dirty cars, with many motorists admitting that the state of their car would stop them doing certain things.

Despite this, only 28% say that having a dirty car would shame them into taking action – a fact backed up by some fairly shameful car cleaning stats.

But it’s not all bad news. Many people do keep their car clean regularly and are proud to drive a tidy motor.

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