A Guide to Removing Glue and Tar from Your Car’s Paintwork

Sticky substances like tree sap, glue and tar can be stubborn, and you may not be able to completely remove them as part of your standard car wash. If you’ve found yourself in this situation and aren’t sure what to do, our guide can help.

Read below for everything you need to know about these pesky residues, the damage they can do, as well as how to safely and properly remove them. You can use the links to jump straight to the help and advice you need.

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Why You Should Remove Sap, Tar and Glue from Car’s Surface
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Prevent Sticky Residue from Building Up on Your Car

Can Sap, Tar and Glue Damage Your Car?

Substances like tree sap, tar and glue can firmly attach themselves to your car’s paintwork and, if left untreated, can cause damage by breaking down and staining the paint beneath.

If you attempt to remove them with the wrong products while still sticky, they may spread over a larger area and ultimately create a bigger problem. You can also scratch your paintwork trying to scrub at dried or sticky residue deposits, so it’s important to use the right products and techniques to deal with the problem.

For more on how easy it is to damage your car, check out the 10 ways to ruin a car’s paintwork without realising it, and the practical steps you can take to remedy these issues.

Why You Should Remove Sap, Tar and Glue from Car’s Surface

Sticky residue sitting on the surface can damage the paintwork and the car’s clear protective coating. Depending on the type of residue, the paintwork can be subjected to staining, chipping or fading. Of course, it won’t cause havoc overnight, but the sooner you remove it, the better.

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The earlier you notice and safely remove sticky substances, the less chance you give it to harden, stain or do deeper, more irreversible damage to your car’s paintwork.

Understanding how to remove it correctly can be crucial for any motorist that experiences these residue deposits throughout the year, especially if you want your paint job to remain intact and scratch-free for longer. That’s where we come in…

How to Remove Sticky Residue from Car’s Surface

The right product will help easily and quickly remove sticky residue from your car’s surface.

Removing glue and tar can prove very difficult and often results in smearing it further and worsening the problem – but not if you have the right tools to hand.

Simoniz Tar, Sap and Glue Remover is our specialist product designed to remove tough deposits and sticky residue. It works by quickly dissolving stubborn residues such as tar, sap and glue.

This removal product means no scrubbing is necessary – you can simply spray it onto the affected area, let it do its work and then wipe it away with a cloth or sponge. Alternatively, you can work it in straight from the cloth. Whichever method you choose will produce excellent results, and your paintwork will look as good as new within a short period.

Tree sap, tar and glue require a strong product capable of quickly removing even the most stubborn marks to avoid damage to the paintwork. That’s why our remover spray is gentle on paint but tough on stains and residue deposits, so you don’t need to worry about damage.

You’re guaranteed an effective clean and a great finish thanks to the years of expertise and knowledge that have helped to develop our Tar, Sap and Glue Remover.

We recommend resealing your car with a coat of wax after using our remover spray to help protect your paint and prevent any further damage from these sticky substances.

Not only can you use it on your car, but it can also help remove adhesive residue around the house and garden too.

Preventing Sticky Residue from Building Up on Your Car

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Don’t want to sacrifice your parking spot in the shade of a tree? Invest in an all-season car cover to protect your car exterior from the elements, as well as sticky substances like sap. While it might not be as easy to protect your car from road tar or glue, this small step can go a long way to keeping tree sap at bay.

Regularly cleaning your car is the best way to prevent these substances from remaining on the exterior for too long since it gives you a great chance to give every part of the car a good check-over.

If you take pride in your car, don’t let everyday life ruin its showroom finish. Instead, keep it clean and protected with Simoniz’s excellent range of exterior car cleaning products. To find out more, check our complete product range.