With 107 years of premium car care under our belt, we know what drivers need every day. It’s important to you that your car looks good, so we make it easy for you to keep it clean all year round, inside and out with our award-winning products.

Whether you’re looking for shampoo, wax or more specialist cleaning products, if it’s sealed with the Simoniz logo, you know it’s shine guaranteed. To make things easier, we’ve hand-picked a selection of how-to guides for you to check out before you Simoniz your car.

‘Tis the Season to Simoniz: Spring to Winter Cleaning Guides

Rain or shine, wind or warmth, your car can take a beating throughout the year thanks to the unpredictable British weather. Luckily, Simoniz’s range of premium car care products is ready for anything season to season, so we’ve collated these guides to get you through the year’s changing weather from spring to winter and everything in between.


The Benefits of Spring Cleaning Your Car

As the saying goes “out with the old, in with the new”. Spring is a time for fresh starts – for clearing out the rubbish and throwing away what you don’t need. The same should go for your car. After a winter that will have invariably seen your car on the receiving end of cold temperatures, heavy rain and salt and grit on the road a good spring clean is an essential part of car maintenance.

From gearing up for the summer to improving your own well-being, freshen up your motor with this practical guide to preparing for the year ahead.


Summer Dirt: Spot the Worst Offenders

When the sun’s shining there’s nothing quite like a summer-time drive, but with high temperatures and muggy air, not to mention bugs and bird droppings, your car can end up coated. And while all those stains look unsightly, they can actually cause damage to your car’s exterior too.

We’ve rounded up the usual summer suspects, and matched them with the best of Simoniz’s car cleaning range to guarantee clearer vision and shinier exteriors. We also share the perfect time to clean your car in the summer months.


Should I Wash My Car in Winter?

Winter-time washing can pose something of a conundrum. When the weather’s terrible, traipsing through the wind, rain and cold while attempting to buff your car can feel an unrewarding task. It’s certainly a far cry from the summer’s easy-going warmth.

But neglecting to clean your car during this season can leave it open to all sorts of damage to the paintwork and undercarriage. We’ve compiled some essential bits of advice to help you put the brakes on those winter blues, from avoiding rust build-ups to getting rid of sun dazzle on your windscreen.


The Nitty Gritty: In-Depth Cleaning Guides

Stubborn stains can be a problem, but sometimes dirt and debris can cause issues that can mean trouble if they’re left over time. Here, we’re getting to the bottom of the problem parts that you should consider cleaning regularly to ensure smooth-running all year round


The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Car Windows and Headlights

Day in and day out, your car’s windows are subject to all sorts of oncoming issues, from dirt and dust to insects and other unwanted deposits. Not only does it look unpleasant, but windows and headlights caked in debris run a serious safety risk too.

This guide has all bases covered, from exterior and interior window cleaning, to removing the most stubborn of deposits and cleaning your headlights the right way. Sun dazzle and headlight haze are important issues that can reduce your visibility, so we’re tackling window care and headlight upkeep head on with this essential how-to.


Bumpers, Tyres & Trim — All You Need to Know

Want that showroom look every time you hit the road? It’s time to take a look at your bumpers, tyres and trim. When they start to look grey and faded, even a well-kept car can look aged and tired, so it’s worth taking some time to restore your tyres and trims to their original colour.

This guide shares a two-pronged tactic that gets your tyres back to black in no time, along with three simple steps to restore and protect your bumpers and trim without the effort.

Caring for Wheels and Tyres: All You Need to Know

More so than any other car part, your wheels and alloys go through a lot of wear and tear no matter how long you’re on the road for. The problem is, deposits like brake dust can be difficult to remove, and since they’re corrosive, they can do some real damage if neglected.

Follow this step-by-step process that makes caring for your alloys a breeze, and get advice on which products you need to protect against the things that dampen their shine.


The Top 20 Car Detailing Secrets

If you’ve followed all the above and want to give your car’s finish some extra attention, then allow us to let you in on a few tips from those in the know that probably won’t stay secret for long.

As well as our Simoniz experts, we asked some pros from Professional Valets and Detailers for their tips to give your car that premium valeted look at home. From compressed air and the use of static electricity, to when and where you should best wash your car, these are the trade secrets you should be using for that ‘just-bought’ look.

With a fantastic range of waxes and polishes to keep your car looking its best, Simoniz cleans and protects your car all year round with shine guaranteed. To browse the full range of cleaning and detailing products, visit our homepage.