You might know that Simoniz started over 100 years ago in America, but today in the UK our products are developed and tested in Manchester and made in Newquay, Cornwall.

At our lab in Trafford Park, Manchester, we create products for today’s cars on UK roads. You can read more about the lab and meet the whole team here. At the heart of Simoniz’s development is Phil Carruthers – a chemist with a love of cars.

mediatank3413.unnamed-file.jpg  Phil says: “I enjoy working in R&D due to the variety of products we work on, I get to combine my interest in cars with my job and each day is different from the last. Not to mention that it’s always good to see something you developed on a shelf.”

In the videos below, you can meet Phil and watch him demonstrate some of our main products, including our iconic Original Wax, and our unique patented Ultracare Alloy Cleaner. Phil also gives you his expert tips for how to get your car looking its best.


Simoniz Original Wax

In this video, Phil demonstrates how to use our Original Wax for long lasting protection and shine.

Learn more about Original Wax


Shampoo & Wax

Get Phil’s pro tips on how to clean your car properly without damaging the paintwork.

Learn more about Shampoo & Wax


Ultracare Alloy Cleaner

Here Phil demonstrates how to get shiny alloys with our unique cleaner, which can be used on scuffed or scratched wheels.

Learn more about Ultracare Alloy Cleaner


Dashboard Cleaner

The interior of your car needs care too, and in this video Phil shows you how to keep your dashboard and plastics clean and protected.

Learn more about Dashboard Cleaner


Back to Black Tyre Shine

Learn how to get your tyres looking as good as new with expert tips from Phil.

Learn more about Tyre Shine


Anti Glare Glass Cleaner

Get maximum visibility while driving with these pro tips from Phil.

Learn more about Glass Cleaner