What do you think of when hear the name Simoniz? That iconic gold tin? Perhaps your Dad used one back in the day, as he spent his Sundays washing and shining his car?

Looking after your car used to be a labour of love – and for enthusiasts today it still is. At Simoniz we’ve been taking care of cars since 1910, devoting ourselves to cleaning and protecting paintwork, wheels, interiors and more. As cars and drivers have changed, so have our products. But with such a rich heritage we love getting a bit nostalgic and looking at where we’ve come from and where we are now, so we thought we’d share a trip down memory lane with you.

This is one of our early adverts from the 1930s:



Formed in America in 1910, Simoniz is the oldest car care brand in the United States, and we have been there with drivers since the early days of motor car ownership. So much so, that in the 1930s Simoniz became part of the language, as a verb meaning to “shine or polish to a high sheen”. Our name goes hand in hand with shining beauty and we have carried that heritage through the decades.



The Original Wax was one of our earliest products, but by the 1950s we were selling a dual action shampoo and wax which instantly became the top selling car care product in the US. This innovation and focus on making powerful products which help drivers care for their vehicles is the key to our success over the last century.




Over the years we’ve sponsored car races



and made memorable TV adverts



but always been dedicated to quality and making cars look as good as new. That’s why we make products which not only clean but also protect, so that the shine lasts longer. Today we’re based in the UK, with products developed in our lab in Manchester and produced in our Newquay factory.


Our products are sold throughout the UK in nationwide stores such as Halfords and Tesco, and in local specialist shops. Trusted by car lovers across the UK we also have many products which have been commended by Auto Express as a marker of their quality. Our product ranges cover paintwork, wheels, glass, interior and trim, to keep your car looking its best from top to bottom.