Simoniz Shinz in Consumer Tests: Find Out Why People Love What We Do

At Simoniz, we know our products offer brilliant quality (after all, we’ve won Auto Express awards for it), and we also believe that they can outperform even leading competitors in car care.

To put this to the test, we recently ran a study to find out how our products stack up against competing brands – particularly those that charge a premium price. We wanted to find out what real people think about our car care range, and what ‘Simoniz’ really means to them.

The Test

We set up a physical test to get the measure of what people think of Simoniz products compared to competing brands, interviewing 110 respondents between the ages of 18 to 55+. The test was simple: we treated five used car body parts with a Simoniz product and a competitor product, before asking people which one they preferred.

Once they’d made their decision, we then revealed the name and price of each product and asked if this would change their mind about the product to buy. This led to some pretty interesting results, which you can read in full below.

The Results

In 4/5 cases, people preferred Simoniz products to competitor brands in the initial blind test, before we revealed the names of the products and also, crucially, the prices. After finding out which was which, this pushed the results further in our favour – with all five Simoniz products coming out on top compared to more expensive brands.

Find out how each of the five Simoniz products tested, and what people said about them, below.

Alloy Wheel Cleaner

simoniz's leading allow cleaning product
simoniz ultracare allow cleaner

Simoniz Ultracare Alloy Cleaner (£6.50) vs Competitor Super Alloy Wheel Cleaner (£9)

  • 60% of people preferred Simoniz Ultracare Alloy Cleaner in the blind test
  • This rose to 74% after the brand and price was revealed

We pitted Simoniz Ultracare Alloy Cleaner against its more expensive rival, and the majority of people preferred it after the blind test alone. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “I think the scratches are better disguised and less visible, and the wheel looks shinier”
  • “Looks a lot shinier; much better appearance”
  • “Looks like a better finish and that it does a better job”

Find out how to get the best from Simoniz Ultracare Alloy Cleaner with our complete guide to caring for wheels and tyres.

Upholstery Cleaner

Sioniz's leading upholstery cleaner

Simoniz upholstery and carpet cleaner outperforms leading competitor

Simoniz Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner (£5) vs Competitor Interior Shampoo (£9)

  • 99% of people preferred Simoniz Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner in the blind test
  • Our product was rated 9 out of 10 on performance, compared to 4 out of 10 for the competitor

Here’s what the respondents had to say about it:

  • “All the stains have been removed completely. It looks like a brand new mat
  • “Much cleaner in comparison, product B (the competitor) hasn’t worked at all”
  • “Dramatically better results, and I can’t see any stains”

If you need help cleaning the inside of your car, read our guide on how to look after car upholstery.

Car Wax

95% of people preferred Simoniz Wax

Simoniz Original Wax (£8) vs Competitor High Definition Wax Kit (£55)

  • 95% preferred Simoniz Original Wax in the blind test, giving it a score of 8 out of 10 compared to 6 out of 10 for the competitor
  • 80% of people who chose the competitor in the blind test switched to Simoniz after hearing the huge difference in price

Here’s some of the comments from members of the public:

  • “I like the sheen, no streaks looks professionally done”
  • “Much fewer streaks, the other product has a residue as though it’s not blended in”
  • “Gleaming. Could shave in it, mirror finish”

Want to learn more about Simoniz Original Wax? Check out our beginner’s guide to car wax, which includes application tips and advice on buying the right product for your needs.

Tyre Cleaner

9/10 rated simoniz excellent

Simoniz Back to Black Tyre Shine (£5) vs Competitor Tyre Slik (£5.50)

  • 56% of people preferred Simoniz Tyre Shine in the blind test, rating it 8 out of 10 compared to 7 out of 10 for the competitor product
  • This rose to 60% when the price difference was revealed

Here’s what people thought of its look and performance:

  • “I like the high definition shine, it’s very showroom”
  • “It looks better. It has made it more shiny and not damaged the coating on the wheel”
  • “Perfectly clean”

One of the great things about using Simoniz Back to Black Tyre Shine is that it gives instant results, transforming the look of your car’s tyres in a couple of seconds. Don’t believe us? Read our guide on how to get your car looking good inside and out in just 15 minutes.

Car Shampoo

9/10 Rated Simoniz Excellent

Simoniz Shampoo & Wax (£5) vs Competitor Ultimate Wash & Wax (£11.60)

  • Both Simoniz and the competitor’s products scored 7 out of 10 in the blind test
  • 51% who originally preferred the competitor switched to Simoniz after the price was revealed

Here’s what they had to say about Simoniz car shampoo:

  • “It is shinier. The other looks like it has a residue on it”
  • “Looks better, I can tell the difference”
  • “It seems to be a deeper shine”


We couldn’t be happier about how Simoniz products performed against premium car care brands, and it confirmed what we believed about the quality of our products compared to more expensive rivals.

Our goal has always been to provide top quality car care products at value-for-money prices, so all motorists can afford to take better care of their cars. In blind tests, people preferred our products in 4 out of 5 cases, and that was before they’d found out just how much cheaper Simoniz is compared to premium brands.

So, if you want your car to shine inside and out, you can count on Simoniz. Our products are tested and approved by everyday British motorists, so you know you can expect great results and complete value for money. To browse our complete product range, visit our homepage today.