Simoniz Ultra Care Wheel Cleaner ‘Recommended’ by Auto Express

In the latest Car Care Special edition of Auto Express Magazine, Simoniz Ultra Care Wheel Cleaner has been given the prestigious ‘Recommended 2022’ award.

Recommended by Auto Express

The annual car product testing feature has been a long standing mainstay of the automotive publication and to achieve a place in its top 4 products in a given category, is an endorsement coveted by many manufacturers within the industry.

Auto Express Recommended 2022Simoniz Ultra Care Wheel Cleaner fended off the challenge of 18 other competitive products in pool that included solutions from Turtle Wax, Auto Glym and Meguiar’s, to reach the top 4.

The testing, carried out by Auto Express judges, is designed to be as scientific and objective as possible.

To ensure they are testing the product rather than the pressure washer, sponge or brush, judges apply each product to the surface, leave it for the specified time and then rinse with hose at low pressure.

The cleaning performance is then observed and benchmarked against each competitor.

Additionally, they observed how each performed with light agitation using a wheel brush, which was weighted with a socket to ensure consistent pressure and guarantee the objectiveness of the test.

Finally, Auto Express took price, availability of supporting accessories and surface versatility into account when determining the final rankings and subsequent awards.

One of the Best Wheel Cleaners for a Decade

Having been ‘Recommended’ in 2020, this year’s award marks the 2nd win in 3 years, and it is testament to the consistency and longevity of the Simoniz Ultra Care Wheel Cleaner that it is remained within the top performing products in the market for many years.

In their article, Auto Express say that the product has been “hovering around the top of our wheel cleaner test results for a decade.”

The article also indicates that the product’s “great price” vs. the competitors in the testing pool, was a contributing factor in its final placement. This reasserts the ‘affordable quality’ ethos that has always been associated with Simoniz.

Simoniz Ultra Care Wheel Cleaner

Ultracare Alloy Cleaner can be used on all wheel types and unlike many competitive products, is acid-free. This means that even if your alloy wheels become scuffed, the Simoniz cleaner will not corrode them or cause any further damage to them. As such, Simoniz wheel cleaner is suitable for regular use.

Simoniz Ultracare Alloy Cleaner was developed to be tough on dirt and grime but not on your alloy wheels. The powerful, cleaning formula can power through even the toughest stains and marks, working to leave your alloy wheels clean, shiny, and free from brake dust and deposits.

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