What is pH Neutral Car Shampoo?

While a professional car clean might save you time, the cost can quickly add up and you might find yourself looking more into learning how to clean your car yourself. Removing a build-up of dirt and debris from your vehicle can be quite a rewarding task, and it might even give you the opportunity to notice any issues or damage to your car during the process.

If you’ve decided to tackle cleaning your car yourself, it’s important to use the correct car cleaning products to achieve the best possible results. One of the most important tools in your arsenal is car shampoo to kick-start that deep cleaning regime. In particular, it’s recommended that you use a pH neutral car shampoo, and so with that in mind, here we take a look at why pH neutral car shampoo might be a great choice for your vehicle.

washing car using shampoo

What Does pH Neutral Mean?

As you might have guessed, pH refers to the measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The pH scale ranges from 0-14, with 7 being neutral. Anything with a pH measure of less than 7 indicates acidity, while anything over 8 is more alkaline. In some cases, the two extremes are also referred to as acids and bases.

To put into perspective, the likes of lemon juice and vinegar typically has a pH value of 2, while household bleach and soap usually have a pH value of around 12-13.

Acids and alkali are used in reactions, including the creation of cleaning products such as the ones you use on your car, so it’s a helpful consideration when looking for the likes of car shampoo.

What is a pH Neutral Car Shampoo?

Some car cleaning products lean more towards the alkaline end of the scale, including some snow foams. In many cases, these mildly alkaline formulas for car cleaning products can deliver effective results and a deeper clean. Used as a pre-wash, these are unlikely to damage paintwork, as long as your car is given a good shampoo and wax afterwards.

With that in mind, if you’re hoping to avoid any risk of damage or you’re not sure which is the best car shampoo to use, it’s a safe bet that a pH neutral car shampoo will protect your vehicle while removing dirt and debris.

person washing car with shampoo and spongeCar paintwork is characteristically softer than other paints, not to mention the additional layers of coatings and sealants. It’s helpful to use a pH neutral car shampoo that won’t affect these layers due to its gentle nature. This means you can carry out a quality clean for your vehicle, without worrying about damage.

At Simoniz, our 2-in-1 Car Shampoo & Snow Foam is a pH neutral car foam shampoo that is safe for a variety of paintwork finishes, while still capable of removing dirt and road grime. It can be used as a normal car shampoo, or in a foam cannon to apply the shampoo to your car. The formula also benefits from added carnauba wax for additional protection and shine.

Do I Really Need a pH Neutral Car Shampoo?

Alkali and acid-based car shampoos can cut through heavy dirt that has built up on your car, but they can cause unnecessary corrosion or damage if used incorrectly. Choosing a pH neutral car shampoo can give you peace of mind that the paintwork of your car isn’t at risk.

If you do notice tough or sticky residue on your car’s paintwork that you need to remove, consider using a specialist treatment such as a tar, sap and glue remover, or insect and bird dropping remover. This can help in breaking down stubborn deposits before using a car shampoo or snow foam.

As with any car cleaning products, it’s important to follow the instructions and not to stand too close to your vehicle if using a pressure washer. You can find out more about getting more out of your car wash here, with some extra tips and advice!

Alongside our pH neutral car shampoo, explore the full range of Simoniz exterior car cleaning products today and achieve professional results at home.

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