What is Colour Restorer?

If your car’s paintwork looks dull or the colour has faded, it is most likely due to fine scratches or oxidisation, caused by a reaction with the air. At Simoniz we have been taking care of cars for over a hundred years, and are passionate about ensuring our products work on today’s cars. We’ve used this knowledge to bring you Colour Restorer, specially developed to remove damage to your paintwork and revive the original beauty of your car’s exterior.

  • Guaranteed to help restore all paint finishes
  • Reduces the appearance of micro scratches and swirls
  • Easy to use
  • Wax, solvent and silicone free
  • For best results, use a Simoniz wax after application to protect the finish

After shampooing your car, if you notice any dull areas, look closely at them. If you can see fine scratches or a swirl pattern, then you will need to use Colour Restorer to remove them and bring back the paintwork’s original smooth appearance. After polishing, you should wax your car to keep your car shiny and protected for longer.

Remove fine scratches and swirl marks easily with Simoniz Universal Colour Restorer.


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