Simoniz Diamond Wax and Polish

If you want to get rid of scratches and swirls in your paintwork and protect it in one step, Simoniz Diamond Wax and Polish removes imperfections and adds a high gloss shine.

  • Gently rejuvenates paintwork
  • Mild abrasives for all paint finishes
  • High gloss finish
  • Solvent free, leaves no white residue
  • For all metallic, pearlescent and modern clear coat paintwork

How it Works

Simoniz Liquid Diamond Polish & Wax is a dual action formula containing mild abrasives, specifically designed to reduce the appearance of micro scratches and swirls on your vehicle’s paintwork.

The addition of Carnauba Wax leaves a durable, ultra-deep gloss shine.

Using a soft, clean cloth, apply the liquid to clean, dry paintwork.

It’ll dry to a haze and then you can buff it using another clean, dry cloth.

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