Simoniz Standard Colour Coats

Simoniz Standard Colour Coats are acrylic spray paints which help you to achieve a professional finish on a range of surfaces easily. These paints are durable so they can be used on cars, including wheels and bodywork, and on other surfaces which need a tough finish such as scaffolding and BBQs.  Use with Simoniz primers and lacquers for professional results.

  • Fast drying
  • Durable, smooth finish
  • For best results use with Clear Lacquer and a primer

Simoniz Colour Coats are fast drying and easy to use. They are available in standard RAL (European colour matching system) colours:

  • Ford van white
  • AA yellow
  • Post office Red


Get a super smooth finish today with Simoniz Standard Colour Coats.


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