Simoniz Underguard

Simoniz Underguard is a black spray specially formulated for your car’s underbody and sills. These areas of your vehicle are vulnerable to damage from stone chips and rust, but our Underguard provides a protective coating which prevents corrosion and damage. It is also resistant to heat up to 120°C, so you can use it on your vehicle knowing that it will withstand the temperature while driving.

  • Protects against rust, stone chips and corrosion
  • For underbody and sills
  • Durable and hard wearing

Part of our Paint and Maintenance Range, Simoniz Underguard has been developed in the lab and tested on the road to give you the protection and professional results you desire everyday.

Get a durable protective finish for your underbody today with Simoniz Underguard.

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